Registered Texas Longhorns in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley.

MR3 Barracuda's Spike

 Top: Spike almost 4 years old. Bottom: Spike as a yearling, saddled.

 DOB: 09/06/2006 - Sire: Mile Marker - Dam: MR3 Ruby's Barracuda

Spike is a total package steer! He's got genetics, color, conformation, disposition, and horns. He is the sweetest steer you will ever meet, you can do anything with him! He's got a real mellow temperament and learns quickly. I've raised him from a weanling. HE IS HALTER AND LEAD BROKE, PICKS UP HIS FEET, IS SADDLEBROKE, YOU CAN LAY ON HIM, AND KNOWS BASIC VOICE COMMANDS SUCH AS "BACK UP" AND "OVER". Real potential here! He would make a perfect parade steer! His beautiful, black tipped horns are 55" TTT with a 12" base circumference, it has been predicted that they will grow 63"+ TTT. He is a big boy, weighing approximately 1200 lbs. He is not registered due to the fact he is not branded, which is mandatory for to be registered by the TLBAA, he is eligble though if you put a brand on him. His color changes with the seasons, in the winter his is dark brown with black and as he sheds out he turns slightly brindled and then light brown. His sire Mile Marker (71" TTT) is one of the top bulls in the Longhorn industry, he sired the 2007 and 2008 World Hornshowcase Champion, MR3 Miles Away. His dam is almost the exact same showy color as him, her bloodlines trace back to the great sires Rebel Red and The Shadow. He is the top quality and best trained steer west of the Rockies. To approved home only.  PRICE: $old